Capitalize on Asian Food Trends with Chinese New Year Promotions

Ring in a prosperous Year of the Sheep with Asian specialties to boost sales during the 15-day celebration

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (January 2015) – Authentic Asian flavors are among the top food trends of 2015, and there’s no better time to introduce Asian specialties to shoppers and diners than during the Chinese New Year celebration.

One of the biggest food holidays of the year, Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) begins on February 19 and ends on March 5. During this 15-day celebration to welcome the Year of the Sheep—a year of friendship and creativity—families and friends will gather over special feasts with foods that symbolize good tidings and blessings for the coming year.

“Eastern and Southeastern Asian cuisines are vegetable-centric with bold flavors, and that resonates with shoppers and diners who are seeking authenticity as well as healthy food choices,” said Karen Caplan, President and CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce.

A leader in the specialty Asian produce category since 1973, Frieda’s is working with many clients to build festive in-store promotions during the first weeks of February. In addition to educational resources for produce staff, Frieda’s provides key merchandising recommendations, as well as artwork for Chinese New Year POS signage. Interested retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors can contact Frieda’s for promotional ideas, a product list, and marketing tools. Also available from Frieda’s are extensive product information, high resolution images, and a recipe database to assist with any marketing needs.

About Frieda’s

With over 50 years of fresh produce innovation, Frieda’s Specialty Produce continues to change the way America eats fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1962 by Frieda Caplan, Frieda’s was the first wholesale produce company in the U.S. to be founded, owned, and operated by a woman, and is still a family- and women-owned business today. Frieda’s has introduced more than 200 specialty items to U.S. produce departments, including Kiwifruit, Spaghetti Squash, Habanero Peppers, Sunchokes®, Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, Sangria and Fiore Viola Artichokes, and many more. Frieda’s featured program is “Eat One Fruit a Day That Scares You,” which encourages everyone to #FearNoFruit. Connect with Frieda’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and at