Kick-start Healthy Eating Habits During Lent

Frieda’s offers healthy and flavorful suggestions for shoppers and diners during Lent

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (February 2015) – Many shoppers and diners use Lent observance to kick-start a new, healthier lifestyle. During the 40 days of penance—starting on Ash Wednesday, February 18, and continuing through Thursday, April 2—they will look to their supermarkets and restaurants to help them stick to their commitment to give up meat, junk food, and sugary treats.

For the produce department to make the most of this observance, Frieda’s Specialty Produce recommends the following:

Beefing Up on Plant-based Protein: Meat is one of the first items observers of Lent give up. As vegetarians and vegans shop in produce departments for their protein, stock up on a selection of meat alternatives like Tofu and Soyrizo™, ready-to-eat Organic Polenta, and soy-based meat substitute products like Yves and Lightlife. Also call attention to protein-rich vegetables such as Colored Cauliflower, Edamame, Sunchokes®, and Artichokes, and hearty and satisfying root vegetables like Celery Root, Baby Carrots, and Malanga Lila.

Satisfying the Sweet Tooth: Shoppers will turn to fresh fruits to curb their cravings for the soft drinks and other sugary treats they have given up for Lent. It’s the perfect time to introduce shoppers to unique and flavorful tropical fruits like Passion Fruits, Zululand Queen Baby Pineapples, and Dragon Fruits. Young Coconut and juicy citrus like Blood Oranges and Cara Cara Oranges are also perfect to offer as a soft drink substitute.

Offering Healthy Snack Options: Keep shoppers away from not-so-healthy snacks like potato chips with crisp and crunchy, easy and fun-to-eat, exciting fresh produce like Baby Kiwifruits, Rambutans, Starfruits, Kumquats, Purple Snow Peas, Mini Sweet Peppers, and Jicama.

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