Super Hot and Shishito Peppers Heat Up Summer Sales

Shoppers continue to drive pepper demand from mild to super spicy

Los Alamitos, CA – (July 2018) – From flavorful Shishito peppers to the coveted super spicy Carolina Reaper, chile peppers are spicing things up for summer from the grill to homemade margarita mix.

“Shoppers continue to have fun exploring the different varieties of chile peppers the world has to offer,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager at Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “For summer entertaining and cooking new cuisines at home, all heat levels of fresh peppers are finding their way into the grocery basket.”

Frieda’s is seeing the pepper sales growth first-hand. “We have been supplying Shishito peppers for over 10 years with sales spiking over the last three,” said Berkley. “Frieda’s eye-catching 8-ounce retail pouch bag has grown in sales 88 percent over the last 12 months, and our customers see the same growth at the register.”

With the Netherlands’ super hot pepper season in full swing and continuing through November, Frieda’s is currently offering good volume of fresh Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Ghost peppers in 8/50 gram clamshells to satisfy the demand. “The clamshell program educates shoppers on how to use these fiercely hot peppers and protects them from touching these peppers with their bare hands.”

Other Frieda’s top-selling peppers include grilling essentials jalapeno, poblano, and mini sweet peppers, and salsa staples like red fresno, de arbol, and habanero. Call Frieda’s today at 714-733-7676 to make your summer sales sizzle with a pepper program.

About Frieda’s Inc.

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