Boost Your Tropical Fruit Sales for Rosh Hashanah

Take advantage of the Jewish New Year tradition by showcasing your specialty fruit selection

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (September 2016) – Jewish New Year is a prime opportunity for retailers to ramp up their specialty fruit displays. Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on October 2 and ends on the evening of October 4. During this two-day celebration of Rosh Hashanah, it is traditional to try a new fruit to celebrate the New Year.

“Our clients who create displays for Rosh Hashanah see an increase in fruit sales during the week leading up to the holiday,” said Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “Every retailer has told us that in addition to prominent grocery displays, plentiful displays of tropical and specialty fruits are well received during the Jewish New Year holidays.

“We recommend building these destination displays the week before the actual New Year to take advantage of heavy shopping for this holiday,” added Caplan. “You are not only attracting Jewish customers with big, gorgeous displays of tropical fruits, but you are also drawing in curious shoppers.”

Frieda’s top Jewish New Year sellers include dragon fruit, Meyer lemons, pepino melons, kumquats, blood oranges, papaya, and rambutan. The traditional Medjool dates, raisins on the vine, pomegranates, and pomegranate arils are also in demand, along with apples, baby apples, and honey as they signify the sweetness of the New Year.

About Frieda’s Inc.

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