Frieda’s Introduces Lunar New Year to the Produce Aisle

Los Alamitos, CA – (January 2019) – With February fast approaching, the holiday traditionally celebrated as Chinese New Year is upon us. This year, Frieda’s is innovating to recognize it as Lunar New Year to be more inclusive of all Asian cultures that celebrate the holiday. This is a great opportunity to bring into your store shoppers who are familiar with or curious about Asian cuisine, while appealing to shoppers of all Asian descents. The Year of the Pig will begin on February 5 and be celebrated through February 19.

Asian food is the fastest growing cuisine in the United States, according to VOA. “Lunar New Year is a great opportunity to establish your produce section as a shopping destination,” says Alex Berkley, sales manager at Frieda’s. “A stronger Asian produce set does double duty, as it appeals to Asian shoppers and non-Asian consumers who want to experiment with Asian cuisine.” Data guru Nielsen shares in a recent report that Asian-Americans are the fastest growing ethnic population with significant buying power. Further Nielsen findings indicate that Asian-Americans purchase 72 percent more fresh vegetables and 29 percent more fresh fruit per household than the total U.S. population, so this is the time to stock up on recipe staples like Shanghai Bok Choy, Napa Cabbage, Ginger and Lemongrass.

Other top-selling items include Kumquats, Pummelos and Mandarin Oranges, as these citrus fruits are traditionally given out as gifts during Lunar New Year. Try merchandising these items with other popular Asian produce like Dragon Fruit, Daikon and Jackfruit, and popular complementary items like Eggroll Wrappers, Wonton Wrappers, Kimchi and Edamame. Also try sampling and cross-promoting with other departments across your store. This is a way to create an experience—only available at brick-and-mortar retailers—that will drive traffic into your stores.

Call your Frieda’s account manager today for tips on how to make your produce department a Lunar New Year destination.

Sources: Nielsen. 2016. Asian-Americans Are Expanding Their Footprint in the U.S. and Making an Impact.; VOA. 2018. Asian Cuisine Is Fastest Growing in US.

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