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Purple Asparagus


Shaved Purple Asparagus and Fennel Salad with Fried Prosciutto and Pink Lemon Dressing

Stokes Purple® sweet potato latkes with Quick Fires® Shishito Pepper Horseradish Sauce

Stokes Purple® Wave Pie By Lauren Ko

stokes purple® sweet potato mini crostatas

stokes purple® sweet potato hand pies

Hasselback Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato with Ginger Turmeric Glaze

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Babka

Southeast Asian Coconut Curry with Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes and Greens

Spiced Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Hummus

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Hummus Bowl with Spiced Lamb and Herbs

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Crostini
with Goat Cheese

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Pie with Maple Whipped Cream

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Fritters with Green Tahini

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Falafel

Stokes Purple® Purple Sweet Potato Latte

Purple Power Chia Pudding

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Pie Oatmeal

Flourless Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Brownies

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Brownies with Purple Buttercream Frosting

Grilled Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Wedges with Turmeric Aioli

Frieda’s Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Medallions with Chipotle Cream

Purple Creamsicle Smoothie

Stokes Purple®Sweet Potato Latkes

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Muffins

Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Mash

Pink Lemon Cake with Popjoys® Kumquat Zest

Roasted Root Vegetables and Shallots

Turmeric Chicken Coconut Curry

Sunchoke® and Potato Salad

Asian Dumpling Soup

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Set Your Fall Display Apart with Frieda’s Organic Heirloom Apples

Frieda’s Honored as ‘Community Hero’

Get Ready for Hatch Chile Season with Frieda’s

Frieda’s Receives Top GFSI Audit Score and Remains 100 Percent Compliant with USDA National Organic Program

Frieda’s Champagne Grape Season Set for July

Frieda’s premieres 2015 YouTube season with Angelcot® 101

Summer Grilling Takes a Turn with Fruits and Vegetables

Frieda’s Celebrates 4th Annual Love Your Produce Manager® Day With a Donation to ‘Let’s Move Salad Bars to School’

Frieda’s Angelcot® Season Set for Mid-June

Show Appreciation for Produce Managers on April 2: Love Your Produce Manager® Day

U.S. News & World Report Encourages Fruit Consumption

Attract Shoppers with Colorful Artichoke Display

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Capitalize on Asian Food Trends with Chinese New Year Promotions

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